Name: BINITA ✔
About Me: I was born on the coolest day on earth B|. I rock! I love Music. Yo!
DOB: 22 OCT 2001.
My Show: Radiovubon Planetarium, Thursday@8:00pm BST.
About the show: I do this show because I do what I want. And it’s interesting. It lets you know about astronomy and that some parts of the universe are unexplored.
Zodiac: Libra
Birth place: Dhaka
Education: Mastermind School (class: V)
Hobby: Music&Movies, sleeping, facebooking.
Fashion: Comfy stuff…like shirt, jeans.
Movies: Sci-fi, action, comedy.
Music: Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Pop.
Fav Food: Anything in the fridge, Fuchka
Fav Quotation: Tomorrow is my exam and I don’t care because one sheet of paper cannot decide my future! –Thomas Edison
Fav Game: Basketball & Cricket.
I like: Me.
I hate: Discrimination by race and color. B|