Name: Tasmeah Ahmed
Date of Birth: 14 september
I Like:Honesty
I Hate:Liar
My views about my country: I love my country. I expect all the political parties should think about the progress of the country beyond their party or individual interest. We have to uphold our hard earned independence. We have to build ourselves as a strong nation.
My favorite Color: Black, Blue
Food: Italian pizza, fuchka, chocolate
Music:Rabindra sangit.
Film: The Great Gastby, titanic, Twilight, Monpura, Garella etc.
Sportsman :Sakib al Hasan, Ronaldo
Singer:Mitali Mukharjee, Bappa
Poet: Rabindranath Tagor.
Writer:Humayun Ahmed, Sorotchandra Chottopadhay
Actor:Ranbir kapoor. Leonardo DiCaprio.

Actress:Joya Ahsaan
Place:Sapana, Vatican city (Italy) Belgium, it’s a beautiful country
Hobby: music, cooking and love to do photography a lot