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Business & Career

This is a show discussing entrepreneurship, business development and employment with entrepreneurs and business executives
Presenter: Sohel Samad
Time: Every Tuesday 4 pm bst

Radiovubon Planetarium

Radiovubon Planetarium is an astronomy show for youngsters. This tells about several unknown and interesting stories of the universe.
Presenter: Ayela Amin Binita and Durba
Time: every Thursday 8 pm bst


Awesome 5 is a show telling five awesome stories and playing world’s 5 top chart songs
Presenter: Tamoso Deep
Time: every Friday 5 pm bst

Hothat Dekha

Hothat Dekha (‘surprise meet’) is a show that appears without any notice, with any personality and with any subject. We may come across any personality or issue on a sudden and we discuss on this.

Sports Vubon

Sports Vubon is a show on sports in Bangladesh and around the world. This show emphasizes on regaining the lost pride of football in Bangladesh. Tanvir Hasan Anik and Sinjon Sarwar was the presenter last year.
Presenter: Navin