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About Me: I am very emotional and a simple man. Like to believe people, short temper Confident about myself, Full Name: Md. Rashedul Islam Nick Name: Rasel Date of Birth: 02, October My Shows: “Spice of life’ ( Profession: Employee of Grameenphone and Apprentice Advocate Sex: male Zodiac sign: Libra Personality type: So much friendly, introverted, honest… RJ-ing style: I am trying to do well, Soft voice, not very fast… Fashion: Always like to update myself but which I feel comfort I prefer that. Hobby: Like to travel, love music, read novel book, love to recitation poems, Playing Guitar & mouth organ and meet with new people. Books : Science fiction(Md. Zafor Iqbal), Kisor horror, Humayon Ahmmed, Somoresh Mojumdar, Fav food : Thai Soup & Chicken Fry, Khichuri, Kacchi Biriani, Nun Ruti, Kaabab, Alu-vorta-dal-dim vajae-vaat, begun vajae, kabab, gril, Hilsha fish and any thing cooked by my mom. Fav actor : Abul hayat, Toukir ahmmed, joya, Riaj, Uttam Kumar, Amir Khan, Sharuk khan, Kajol, Angelina Jollie, Tom Cruze, russel crow Romio etc Fav songs : Bondhu tumar pother sathi k chinae nio—-.Jokhon porbae na mor paiyer cinho ai bak-a.. Movies: Amar bondhu Rashed, Dipu no-2, hotat bristy, Isq, 3 idiot, American pie-2, Titanic, the Brave Heart, Baby’s day out, parl harbour etc. I love: Allah, PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MOSTAFA SALLELLAHU ALAIHI OUASALLAM, My mother, my sister, nitu, sume, all honest people… I hate: Dishonest man and any kind of fraud

Shawon Al-Amin

RJ ShawonAbout me : Hidden treasure…
(Cool, Intelligent, Helpful, Hard worker…)

Full Name : Shawon Al-Amin
Date of Birth : 15th January
Zodiac : Capricorn
Home Town : Barisal
Education : University of Dhaka (on going…)
Passion : Travelling, Reciting & Photography.
My Show : ”Campus Kotha”
every Tuesday 6:00 pm bst.
“Chhoto Chhoto Golpo Kotha”
every Wednesday 6:00 pm bst.


Name: BINITA ✔
About Me: I was born on the coolest day on earth B|. I rock! I love Music. Yo!
DOB: 22 OCT 2001.
My Show: Radiovubon Planetarium, Thursday@8:00pm BST.
About the show: I do this show because I do what I want. And it’s interesting. It lets you know about astronomy and that some parts of the universe are unexplored.
Zodiac: Libra
Birth place: Dhaka
Education: Mastermind School (class: V)
Hobby: Music&Movies, sleeping, facebooking.
Fashion: Comfy stuff…like shirt, jeans.
Movies: Sci-fi, action, comedy.
Music: Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Pop.
Fav Food: Anything in the fridge, Fuchka
Fav Quotation: Tomorrow is my exam and I don’t care because one sheet of paper cannot decide my future! –Thomas Edison
Fav Game: Basketball & Cricket.
I like: Me.
I hate: Discrimination by race and color. B|


Hello Friends, this is Rj Sohel, my official name is Sohel Samad. I have just completed my graduation from Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology(DUET) in Mechanical Engineering.
I think myself as fun loving, sometimes funny, loving, romantic as well as a creative person. While RJing, I love to drive with humor and flexibility. I love myself, I love my parents and friends but I hate hypocrites and mean minded people.
I like to watch movies & read books. Like casual attire.
My favorite actors are Salman Shah, Mosharrof Karim, Apurbo, Richi solayman, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan etc.


Name: Tasmeah Ahmed
Date of Birth: 14 september
I Like:Honesty
I Hate:Liar
My views about my country: I love my country. I expect all the political parties should think about the progress of the country beyond their party or individual interest. We have to uphold our hard earned independence. We have to build ourselves as a strong nation.
My favorite Color: Black, Blue
Food: Italian pizza, fuchka, chocolate
Music:Rabindra sangit.
Film: The Great Gastby, titanic, Twilight, Monpura, Garella etc.
Sportsman :Sakib al Hasan, Ronaldo
Singer:Mitali Mukharjee, Bappa
Poet: Rabindranath Tagor.
Writer:Humayun Ahmed, Sorotchandra Chottopadhay
Actor:Ranbir kapoor. Leonardo DiCaprio.

Actress:Joya Ahsaan
Place:Sapana, Vatican city (Italy) Belgium, it’s a beautiful country
Hobby: music, cooking and love to do photography a lot