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He is Tamoso
He is eccentric. Some moments he rejoices, and in some he shrinks into melancholy. Often he is gloomy, often he is cheerful. He does not belong to the earth. From Aztec he has come, still he recounts the aromas he left behind, in his ancient city, and the sculptures he curved on, of bronze they were made, millenniums ago.`
Beware who is to observe his marvels, as frosts they look like. He is accused of offering no pleasures to anyone. Your nerves will tremble to see his solitude. So gray it is. So wasteful it is. So mournful it is.


Name: Farhana Shaila
About me: I am an extreme dreamer. I dream a beautiful Bangladesh where no place for woe. I love to talk to people, and that’s brought me here as an RJ.
Zodiac: Leo
Birth day: 13 August
Birth place: Tangail
Education: MSS from Rajshahi University
Favorite food: Sweets
Favorite dress: Sari
Like to do: Traveling
Favorite place to go: I love hills.
Hobbies: playing guitar, singing, cycling
My spare time: reading books
Favorite book: Amphibian Man by Alexander Belayev, Hunchback of Notredem by Victor Hugo, Dotta by Shorotchandra Chatterjee.
About My Show: As I like traveling, my show is traveling related named ‘Travel Vubon’. Not only travel lovers but also good song lovers and loners are my listener.


Hi there, this is Amit Debnath, you can call me Amit. I love to travel and love to know the unknown and see the unseen around me. I have been graduated from the Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality Mgt., University of Dhaka and hosting Travel Vubon – the tourism show of radiovubon. Exploring the abstract line from my imaginary and fantasy world is my inborn trust. I hope u all would love my show and catch u all in there.

Name : Amit Debnath
Home town: Chandpur
Interest: Traveling, internet browsing, playing Badminton
Education: Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality Mgt. BBA_16 batch, University of Dhaka.


Name: Shammi Akter Keya
Date of Birth: 17th July
Education: BBA at City College
Likings: Music, Reciting, Gossiping
Disliking: Hypocrisy, Lying.
About my show: catch me live on …………guess what?