About Me: I am very emotional and a simple man. Like to believe people, short temper Confident about myself, Full Name: Md. Rashedul Islam Nick Name: Rasel Date of Birth: 02, October My Shows: “Spice of life’ (www.radiovubon.com) Profession: Employee of Grameenphone and Apprentice Advocate Sex: male Zodiac sign: Libra Personality type: So much friendly, introverted, honest… RJ-ing style: I am trying to do well, Soft voice, not very fast… Fashion: Always like to update myself but which I feel comfort I prefer that. Hobby: Like to travel, love music, read novel book, love to recitation poems, Playing Guitar & mouth organ and meet with new people. Books : Science fiction(Md. Zafor Iqbal), Kisor horror, Humayon Ahmmed, Somoresh Mojumdar, Fav food : Thai Soup & Chicken Fry, Khichuri, Kacchi Biriani, Nun Ruti, Kaabab, Alu-vorta-dal-dim vajae-vaat, begun vajae, kabab, gril, Hilsha fish and any thing cooked by my mom. Fav actor : Abul hayat, Toukir ahmmed, joya, Riaj, Uttam Kumar, Amir Khan, Sharuk khan, Kajol, Angelina Jollie, Tom Cruze, russel crow Romio etc Fav songs : Bondhu tumar pother sathi k chinae nio—-.Jokhon porbae na mor paiyer cinho ai bak-a.. Movies: Amar bondhu Rashed, Dipu no-2, hotat bristy, Isq, 3 idiot, American pie-2, Titanic, the Brave Heart, Baby’s day out, parl harbour etc. I love: Allah, PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MOSTAFA SALLELLAHU ALAIHI OUASALLAM, My mother, my sister, nitu, sume, all honest people… I hate: Dishonest man and any kind of fraud